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First Mutual Capital is a limited liability company that is registered with the Registrar General in Ghana.


First Mutual provides debt and equity to microfinance institutions in Ghana


What We Do


We leverage our human and financial resources to provide operational and strategic support to our portfolio companies with the primary aim of unlocking the intrinsic value of this portfolio companies.


We are committed to supporting microfinance institutions in Ghana.


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The Opportunity

The microfinance sector in Ghana is beginning to emerge as a viable, prosperous, and growing industry.


Of those living below the poverty line, the majority remain financially excluded, producing a massive potential demand for microfinance.


In spite of this, microfinance has been relatively slow to take hold in West Africa in comparison with East Africa, Latin America or Asia.

First Mutual Fund

We are currently developing the First Mutual Fund that will focus on level 1 and level 2 MFIs, i.e. intermediary growing and maturing institutions that have a positive social impact and that are not yet, but striving to become financially autonomous.


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