First Mutual Fund

Long-term & flexible funding instruments

We are currently developing the First Mutual Fund that will focus on level 1 and level 2 MFIs, i.e. intermediary growing and maturing institutions that have a positive social impact and that are not yet, but striving to become financially autonomous.


The Fund will provide long-term and flexible funding instruments to microfinance institutions, including but not limited to:


  • Medium to long-term loans,
  • Subordinated loans,
  • Co-investments (syndicated loans),
  • Equity
  • Mix of debt and Equity

First Mutual Fund aims to contribute to the alleviation of poverty in Ghana through the provision of permanent and adapted financial services to marginalised communities and individuals.


The fund will help to accelerate the development of promising microfinance institutions in Ghana that have a positive social impact towards achieving financial autonomy.


In pursuance of its objective, the Fund may invest in MFIs, in networks or associations of MFIs, and in other microfinance-related products.


The Fund will strive to provide tailor-made and innovative solutions to needy MFIs, coupling its own financial assistance with technical support from external consultants.


It will deliberately focus on niche activities, where personal needs of MFIs are large, but current supply is scarce.

Application Procedure

Microfinance institutions looking for funding should complete the attached application form and send this to: