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Mr Ademola


is one of the principal partner in First Mutual Capital. Ade has a masters degree in Business Administration in International Finance and Economic Development from Stirling University in Scotland. Ademola led the biggest foreign direct investment to a microfinance institution in Nigeria. He also organised the Microfinance investors’ forum in Nigeria in partnership with the Rural Finance investment programme. Ade has considerable contacts with the leading developmental finance institutions, a reputation that he has built over the last decade.

Godfrey Crentsil


is the other principal partner in First Mutual Capital, Godfrey has a masters degree in Finance from the Greenwich University. Godfrey has worked with a number of the rural finance institutions in Ghana in raising funds. He was also the programme director for the Ghana international investor’s forum that was attended by the leading microfinance investment fund in Ghana. Godfrey has extensive contacts with regulators in Africa.

Ommara Raza Ali


Ommara Raza Ali is a development economist having studied from Harvard Business School. She has over sixteen years of diversified experience of both microfinance and commercial banking. She has expertise of Microfinance, Consumer Banking, SME lending, Corporate lending along with a vast research experience in which she has led more than 67 diversified research projects which include research projects on savings. Ommara is responsible for financial assessment of institutions.

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