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Investment Management Services

Through First Mutual Capital, we provide investment management services. Investors who deploy capital in emerging markets can achieve development impact by enabling ventures that directly translate to jobs, wealth creation, and capacity building for those economies. Impact investing uses the instruments and incentives of investment to produce additional positive ‘social’ returns, anywhere in the world.


Investors targeting either or both of these two types of strategies are ideal partners for First Mutual Capital, which seeks to facilitate capital flows.


Regardless of mode of operation, we seek to be innovators and catalysts for change in the development sector. We innovate by designing new financing mechanisms, tools, and partnerships that help overcome complex challenges.
In these ways, we hope to increase access to finance for investors and entrepreneurs, who are the ultimate agents for change.

Investment strategy. Formulating investment hypotheses and theories of change that can be translated into concrete implementation steps to generate clearly defined financial and social returns


Transaction sourcing and execution by tapping into our extensive network to generate a transactions pipeline robust enough to meet the specific goals of the investment strategy


Designing innovative and effective financing structures while mobilizing capital from diverse sources to fund such vehicles.


Portfolio management. Drawing on deep experience with the emerging market and impact investment opportunity set to extract investor value, manage risk, and achieve development impact.


Strategic growth. Translate investment success into longer-term business building opportunities, guided by rigorous financial, economic, and social metrics.


Partnership building. Helping investors and entrepreneurs to identify and build partnerships with financial and technical partners, drawing on comparative organizational strengths.


Our debt syndication practice is focused on originating, structuring, executing and syndicating debt financing and debt securities for microfinance institutions and other enterprises serving the Base-of-the-Pyramid market segment.


Our equity advisory practice is focused on originating, structuring and executing innovative equity and equity-linked transactions for our microfinance and social enterprise clients.


We work with a wide variety of domestic and global investors including private equity and venture capital funds, corporations, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals.


We leverage our strong relationships with both double-bottom-line and commercial investors to achieve the best possible fit and mission alignment for our clients.


We provide diverse advisory services to social enterprises and investors.


For MFIs, we offer services including business plan development and strategy, valuation opinion, capital structure advisory, and other custom solutions based on client need.


For investors, we offer services including pipeline development, exit strategy and secondary sale, market research, fund structuring and marketing, and portfolio monitoring.

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